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Washington & Jefferson College's Admission Staff seeks candidates with uncommon integrity, academic excellence and promise, and a diverse range of interests and backgrounds. We review and evaluate your application on the basis of its merits. You can apply using the W&J application or the Common App. All applications are treated equally, regardless of submission format.

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Admission Details

Learn more about the factors our Admission Staff consider when we review your application, which materials are required, and deadlines for early decision and regular decision applications.


Special, Returning, and Transfer Students

If you're an international student, transfer student, exchange student, a student who withdrew voluntarily, or not a full-time degree-seeking student, we have different applications and deadlines for you.

Students in the Adirondack chairs on campus outside of Old Main during the Creosote Affects photo shoot May 1, 2019 at Washington & Jefferson College.

Application Checklist

After you submit your online application, there are a couple more steps on your path to becoming a President.

Students pose for pictures with the statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson during the Creosote Affects photo shoot May 1, 2019 at Washington & Jefferson College.

Score Optional Policy

You are not required to submit test scores (SAT or ACT) as a part of the Washington & Jefferson College admission process. We believe engagement with distinguished faculty, involvement in the classroom, diligent study habits, and a strong desire to excel drive academic success at Washington & Jefferson College. Testing is only one of many measures of potential academic success and often not the strongest. If you choose the score-optional application alternative, your application receives full consideration, with no disadvantage for admission.